Collaboration over competition

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Everlifting takes a tremendous amount of time and work but you can help make the training world better. Below are some of the more important and/or requested areas. However, there's almost certainly a place for you regardless of your skills. Shoot me an email.

Make a donation

You can support the project monetarily. All donations are used to bring free information to the world. People and organizations who make a €10 or greater montly recurring donations will be thanked in the books released by Everlifting. » Donate now «

Help with work

Software development: Primarily for mobile apps but possibly also for web apps and backend. Note: Everlifting will only release free as in freedom software. See the GNU website if you're confused by that definition.

Audio/podcast: I'm often asked when the Everlifting Podcast will return. There's simply no time for me to both record and edit it at the moment. If you're willing to edit the recordings we might be able to bring it back.

Video editing: Similarly to the podcast situation, I don't have time to edit videos. If it's something you enjoy doing we might be able to run a video channel again.