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Online training support

I offer support for powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength training for any sport, and for those who simply are very serioues with their training. Your skill level doesn't matter - rank beginners, seasoned pro's, and everyone in-between are welcome. Expect customized training programs, form checks and world class support via chat or email. If you're in need of my help here's what we can currently do online. Shoot me an email.



  • $200/month
  • Customized program
  • Monthly feedback and form checks
  • $360/month
  • Customized program
  • Weekly feedback and form checks
  • $500/month
  • Customized program
  • Feedback and form checks available via chat or email 5 days/week

All pricing plans can be combined with any goal. Prices include VAT and are payed in advance.


Strong 4Life: a jack-of-all-trades approach where you learn to control your body and weights in order to be stronger, faster, more flexible and endurant to be strong enough for life.

Powerlifting: your goal is to improve the squat, bench press and deadlift. You don't have to be a competitive lifter. Accessory lifts will be included.

Olympic weightlifting: focus on improving the snatch and clean & jerk, regardless if you're competing or not. Accessory lifts are included.

Other athletes: I have a long track record of helping athletes with strength and speed for their sport. Contact me and we'll see what we can do for your particular needs.

Curious what the training is like? See the article: What system do we use?

“We are so happy to announce that one of the best up and coming trainers in the world, Stefan, is now a coach at Zlatan Vanev Weightlifting Academy.”

– Zlatan Vanev, Olympic Weightlifting World Champion, Clean & Jerk World Record

“Thanks to Stefan, I got my world record in kettlebell sport at 15 years old. It would be a fool’s move not to choose him as a coach. Plus he is a great person.”

– Arja Genot, Kettlebell Long Cycle Junior World Record, National Champion

“When Stefan started coaching me we had one goal – for me to become the best. And I became the best in Sweden.”

– Frida Ulfves, Powerlifting National Champion, National Team

Workshops & seminars

Give a person a program and they’re strong for a cycle; teach a person about training and they can be strong for a lifetime. Better yet, teach a person to teach others about training and the world can be strong until the end of days.

I've conducted workshops and seminars for many years, covering a very wide range, from powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting technique and methodology, to helping top level roller derby teams, and teaching non-competitive lifters how to use kettlebells. Here are some of my current offerings.


Correct execution of the three powerlifts: squat, bench press, deadlift.

How small changes like different hand-, foot-, and bar placements change the dynamics of the lifts.

How to make individual changes to the lifts.

Common problems and how to quickly correct them.

Variations and assistance exercises when to use them and their purposes.

The Bulgarian system

Training from beginner to intermediate, then National level and beyond.

Understanding adaptation the Bulgarian way, when to push and when to hold back.

What control training is, how it's different from maxing out and how to approach it.

Technique according to the Bulgarian coaches in the main lifts and variations.

Adapting the Bulgarian system to people who have a life outside of lifting.

Strong 4Life

Bodyweight skills for body awareness, strength and stability.

The basic lifts that gives you the most bang for your buck and how to do them.

Flexibility and mobility in as short time as possible while giving you the most benefits.

Endurance made simple without endless hours of cardio or dozens of intervalls.

Progressing without breaking yourself and how to get strong for life.

All workshops and seminars are suited for people of all strength levels and coaches/trainers. They come included with their own course material for future reference to ensure the knowledge last you a lifetime.

These are standard offerings but I can easily tailor something for any sport or goal as long as it's strength related. Shoot me an email and we'll work something out.

“I know you are a very good trainer. You will do great things if you want it.”

– Antonio Krastev, Olympic Weightlifting World Champion, Snatch and Total World Record, heaviest ever snatch 1987-2017

“I had already been practicing powerlifting for a few years when I met Stefan. He took my training to a different level, and helped me get many a medal in regional and national competitions. He will push you to your limits, because he knows that’s where your true value as a strength athlete is, but he will never let you go there alone, for his kindness and encyclopedic knowledge of strength sports will always be your companions.”

– Justine Jacot, Powerlifting Total and Squat Masters National Record, Silver Medalist Olympic Weightlifting Masters National Championships

"So many lightbulbs happened during the course. Stefan is really knowledgable, its evident that he knows what he's talking about. At the same time he keeps it entertaining! I feel that I improved as a powerlifter as well as a Personal Trainer."

- Helena Wiedling Fernandes, Personal Trainer, workshop participant