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1.5. Warming up

A specific traditional warm up (such as running, rowing, stretching, etc.) is not necessary. Neither are any specific “activation drills” unless there’s a specific individual need for them. Warming up for lifting is the specific lift itself. From beginners to world champions, it’s recommended to start with an empty barbell. Perform some repetitions, add some weight, perform some more repetitions, and so on until the lifter reach the work sets.

There is no hard rule on the amount of repetitions that should be done or how big the jumps between different weights should be. It’s highly individual. Some will require more warm up reps, which in most cases should take the form of more sets rather than more reps in a set due to being less fatiguing. Remember, the purpose of warm up sets is to prepare for work sets, not to add additional volume.

With that said, here are a few guidelines to experiment with:

Additionally here are some guidelines specific to warming up and attempting maximal weights: