On living in poverty

Published: 2023-03-31

I've been living in self-imposed poverty for a few months now. It's not a spiritual statement, nor a political one, it's simply a way to make me happier. In this article I'll explain the idea behind it, and what it means for the future of Everlifting.

Happiness? Really?

"Money doesn't make you happy" - Some rich asshole probably

Indeed, statements such as these undeniably come from those who already have money. And even if money doesn't make you happy, a lack of money can make you really unhappy.

The above is true only if you desire things you don't have, if you feel the need to buy something which (you think) will make you happier. If you don't have any money, yet desire nothing, I will consider you inifinitely richer than the wealthiest man who still want more. No matter if he gets more he will never stop desiring more and thus never have "enough".

How much a person wants = what they already have + a little bit more.

When you start getting rid of things you will notice what Seneca noticed some 2000 years ago: we use things because we have them, not because we need them. The goal for me is thus not poverty in itself, rather it's to not desire, nor care, and thus not worry about things which are not necessary. It just so happens it lead to what's defined as poverty here in the European Union.

"But why?"

Because the thing that has lead to more unhappiness than anything else in my life for the past 20 years is money. I could get more money, but it hasn't made me happier so far. More of anything will not lead to less desire. It also hasn't lead to what I value the most: freedom, as in free time to freely do what I want.

What is freedom?

"How can you be free to do what you want if you have no money?"

Make no assumptions about my person. I like training, reading, thinking, writing, inventing. None of these things cost anything.

Now, imagine a 24-hour day. You sleep 8 hours, leaving 16 hours to do things. You go to work for 8 hours, but traveling to and from, getting ready, and so on probably takes another 1-2 hours. So best case scenario you have 8 hours left, but probably more like 6-7. Then you need to cook, buy groceries, clean your house, etc. And after all that, with just a few waking hours left, you're supposed to have energy left to do what you want. Is that what they call "living life"? Then why does it resemble the depiction of a walking dead?

Here are some things I think most can relate to:

  • "Uh... It's Monday again!" *sadge*
  • "Gah! I need to finish this before tomorrow!"
  • "My coworker is such an ass, they said this and that and yada yada"
  • "I WANT to do that, but I don't have TIME"
  • "I can't afford X because car broke down/heating broke/something-or-other"

Here's my day: I wake up in an apartment with four walls and a roof, protected from outside weather. I have some oats to eat. I don't care if it's Monday. I don't need to do anything I don't want to, and nobody can tell me to do anything. I have all the hours of the day and all the energy I need. If I have a bad day it's my own fault.

The price might seem high. I trade all those fancy clothes, that fancy car, that marble statue (or whatever it is you kids spend money on these days) for one thing all your hard work and money will never give you: complete freedom and self-created happiness that only depend on myself.

I help a select few friends with their training and in return I require only the absolute minimum.

  • I live in the cheapest apartment I know of in the city.
  • I don't have heating (but do have hot water).
  • I have 1dl oats with a little milk and some sunflower seeds for breakfast and 3 eggs for dinner.

If you think that's too little food for an adult fairly tall male who trains seriously, you'd be absolutely right. It's what I get to not starve. In reality I eat more. I might happen upon some cheap fruit, rice, or yesterday's bread if I have some money over. Also people who appreciate what I do kindly donate dinners.

If you feel the same way you can donate a meal via PayPal.

After suffering from clinical depression for years I can honestly say that I don't remember a time I was happier than now. It's like I've been chained to a cell and finally ripped them apart and freed myself. Maybe it will change, but for now it doesn't feel like it.

Time... And the future of Everlifting

So what do I do with all this time? That's not actually as easy as you might think. Riding the couch is not the answer. We all talk about how time is short, yet spend most our time working, sleeping, watching TV or doom scrolling social media. We talk about how time is limited, yet act as if it will never end.

For me it's dedicating more time to Everlifting. I have several books I want to finish. More tools I want to create. I can and will release all of it for free because I don't desire the money.

The first thing I'd like to mention which I'm really excited about is training programs to your inbox. It's the 4Life concept brought via email. It will be absolutely free, no spam, no "buy my overpriced course and poison protein powder", no BS. I will do the training myself as well. Join in! The signup form is on the front page.

I also want to do more educational workshops and seminars but without charging thousands of dollars per day like I've done in the past. If you invite me I will come if I can. I require only cost of living and travel. I will not charge anything for the workshop or seminar itself.

In other words, the extra time I have will be used to bring more free information to this greedy world.

Stay strong,

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