Move something heavy, move something fast, move something for a prolonged period of time, move yourself. Do these things and you can't help but become awesome.

You will get strong in big lifts like deadlift and press but also learn to lift yourself and to not tap out just because something is a little exhausting. Expect to gain muscle, lose fat, and feel the best you ever have.

Training plans fit for life

Get a new training plan tailored to your level and needs every month. Suitable for everyone, beginner to advanced.

Get feedback on your lifts

Ask any questions about the training, or send a video of your lifts for quick feedback on technique.

Keep track of your progress

Use our app and get your training plans delivered straight to it for easy logging (or you can use email if you wish).

€150 / month
No-nonsense flat pricing. Pay per month. Cancel anytime.

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“Thanks to Stefan, I got my world record in kettlebell sport at 15 years old. It would be a fool’s move not to choose him as a coach. Plus he is a great person.”

– Arja Genot, Kettlebell Long Cycle Junior World Record, National Champion

Competitive athletes

I have a long history of helping competitive athletes. Primarily powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters but I've trained people in many different sports: CrossFit, strong(wo)man, kettlebell, and throwing... To name a few. Pricing is the same but prepare for longer bookings, especially if you're at National level or higher, as a month is not enough to do much with someone at your caliber.

Send me an email and we can discuss it.

“I had already been practicing powerlifting for a few years when I met Stefan. He took my training to a different level, and helped me get many a medal in regional and national competitions. He will push you to your limits, because he knows that’s where your true value as a strength athlete is, but he will never let you go there alone, for his kindness and encyclopedic knowledge of strength sports will always be your companions.”

– Justine Jacot, Powerlifting Total and Squat Masters National Record, Silver Medalist Olympic Weightlifting Masters National Championships

I also conduct workshops and seminars.