Workshops & seminars

Gyms or any sponteanously organized group of people: if you book me, I will come.

I've conducted workshops and seminars for many years, covering a very wide range, from powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting technique and methodology, to helping top level roller derby teams, and teaching non-competitive lifters how to use kettlebells. Here are some of my current offerings.

My rates: €800/day or €150/hour.
Plus expenses for travel and accomodation.

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“We are so happy to announce that one of the best up and coming trainers in the world, Stefan, is now a coach at Zlatan Vanev Weightlifting Academy.”

– Zlatan Vanev, Olympic Weightlifting World Champion, Clean & Jerk World Record

Strong 4Life

Aimed at people who want to have a strong and functional body. Your current strength level doesn't matter. Personal trainers can also greatly benefit from this workshop. Course material is included.

"So many lightbulbs happened during the course. Stefan is really knowledgable, its evident that he knows what he's talking about. At the same time he keeps it entertaining! I feel that I improved as a powerlifter as well as a Personal Trainer."

- Helena Wiedling Fernandes, Personal Trainer, workshop participant

The Bulgarian weightlifting system

An introduction to the notorious Bulgarian system from someone who learned directly from its creator. Suitable for beginners to champions, competitors and coaches/trainers. Course material is included.

“I know you are a very good trainer. You will do great things if you want it.”

– Antonio Krastev, Olympic Weightlifting World Champion, Snatch and Total World Record, heaviest ever snatch 1987-2017

Powerlifting technique & methods

Learn powerlifting technique and program planning. Can be tailored to everyone from rank beginner to champion and is suitable for competitors as well as coaches/trainers. Course material is included.

“When Stefan started coaching me we had one goal – for me to become the best. And I became the best in Sweden.”

– Frida Ulfves, Powerlifting National Champion, National Team

These are standard offerings but I can easily tailor something for any sport or goal as long as it's strength related. Shoot me an email and we'll work something out.

I also do online training.