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The goal of Everlifting is to demystify training. We aim to share as much logically- and scientifically sound training information as possible to help the athlete, coach, serious trainee, and those who simply want to live a better life.

Tool: StrengthDB - Instructions for hundreds of exercises
- Actually good instructions, explained clearly and to the point.
- No signup, no pop-ups, no tracking, no BS.

Book: Powerlifting Technique Reference Guide
- Technique considerations for the squat, bench press, and deadlift.
- Read for free online.

Book: Minimal Stretching Guide
- A ‘good enough’ guide to stretching for powerlifters and other gym rats
- Read for free online.

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Everlifting is not a neutral project. It's built on- and stand for free culture because there's strength in numbers and sharing leads to innovation. Everlifting chooses collaboration over competition and supports existing free culture projects when possible.