My monthly project challenge

Published: 2022-06-03

I've set myself a new goal for the rest of this year. Each month I will start and finish a new project under Everlifting, effective immediately. Actually, the first project is already released, a book on stretching for lifters - available freely for everyone.

New book

What constitutes a project? Anything, really. Books, software (or 'apps' for you younglings), or anything else worthy the term 'project'. I did the first project last month and have already published it: Minimal Stretching Guide - A 'good enough' guide to stretching for powerlifters and other gym rats. It's intended as a 'do this'-guide to take away all the guesswork. Intended for people who're more interested in doing than knowing, it's not a deep dive into stretching or the science behind it. You can read it online for free.

Future projects

I'm taking a few days off before starting the project for June and have yet to decide on what it will be. I opted to not have a set list of projects, and I intend to keep it that way, although I have an idea of some of the things I might want to do. I did however set myself some guidelines.

  • One new project every month, until the end of the year.
  • Develop in the open by posting continuous progress here or on Mastodon.
  • Be a visionary, not an entrepreneur. Money can not be a goal, even in cases where money is involved. The goal is to create something that I find beneficial and can benefit other people as well.
  • Projects might tie into each other but should be able to function separately and not depend on each other.
  • If a project is in the form of information, it should be available freely in some form.
  • Use a simple technological stack.

"Why put such constraints of yourself?", I'm sure some of you are thinking. Not necessarily to get more done, but rather to finish more of the things that gets started. For me this is key. I can get highly enthusiastic about something but once I lose interest or something slows down for whatever reason there's a chance it never gets out. Setting a hard deadline improves productivity for some folks, but to me it's a tool to release. Limitations can be a powerful thing.

I've set up a new page on the website where you can follow the projects. I also intend to update regularly on Mastodon. If you're not familiar with Mastodon, it's like Twitter without obnoxious surveillance and not ran by billionaires looking to make money. You can go to to get started and then follow me at

Join Everlifting development

The idea behind Everlifting is to support the training community with as much free information and free tools as possible. It's not an easy thing to do alone, let alone when you spend money rather than go down the 'startup route' and try make money from every little thing you do (that ship sailed years ago anyway, Everlifting is hardly a startup anymore). If you want to help build a better world you can contribute to Everlifting. On the Join page I've posted the most urgent needs but there's probably something you can do whatever your skills are.

On the same page I've also provided a donation link if you have the economical means to support the project monetarily. I expect all you who constantly tell me that I should sell more and raise my prices - despite me repeatedly saying I refuse to! - will put your money where your mouth is. I jest... A little.